Why Hammamco
  • High Quality materials
  • Replacement assurance
  • Attractive price
  • Quality service
  • Attractive and informative packing
  • Good reputation in market
  • Customer friendly payment terms
  • Operational advantages
  • Strategic partnerships
New Products
Hammamco is a multi disciplinary contracting Trading and Manufacturing Company founded in 1982 by Abdulla Hammam Al Abdulla. Hammamco operates in the Qatari peninsula just 100 miles (161 km) north into the Arabian Gulf from Saudi Arabia and targets Construction, Chemical, petroleum, Heavy, light engineering and agriculture related companies. During the companies brief existence, management has spend significant time and effort researching the construction industry, particularly the building materials segment of the industry, developing its business model and products, and lining up potential business partners and affiliates.
To be a leading brand in the MENA region in all our products range.
The mission of Hammamco is to serve the construction industry by providing High quality products and services required to meet the industries daily demand. We value honesty and respect relationships with each other, our customers, and the world at large.